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Hand-knotted Rugs/Wooden Handicraft/ Hand Knitting Clothing

Asian hand made products, Hand knotted Rugs,Wooden items & Clothing

Custom Rugs

We are here


We not only sale a rugs also we do custom orders for personal use or commercial at any quantities with excellent quality works.

Designs and Colors


We do designs, traditional, modern, contemporary, Geometrical  what ever but  we decide which knots per square inch refers to the design and your own colors

How we works


Every things are done by hand from the beginning to the end also packaging in fact we ensure our customer will be more happy and  satisfy with our fantastic works

yours Rug on the loom


Once every things done before start to make or weave a rug on the loom and follow the graph we do hand carding, wash the wool , spin, hang, balling and dyes.

Tibetan Wool


We call  100 knots woolen yarn ready for dyes  and we so as per custom order either chemical or vegetable dyes..

Colors for rugs


most important thing for any object and obviously for the rug so you can choose from us or you can bring your own color at any kind such as from yarn, Silk etc, we will get you 100% yours beautiful colors.